Tour the Inside

We bought the farm! Literally, not figuratively (at least not yet). It was built in 1869. The bones are fabulous but the aesthetic, not as much. We have been going room by room. Here is our story.

Living Room

The second room we did! Well, the first thing we did was remove the rugs throughout the house. They were everywhere - bedrooms, living room, dining room, hallway, stairs, bathroom, kitchen, shelves (in some cases). EVERYWHERE! What we found understand surprised and thrilled us - spectacular hardwood floors. All the floors you see in the photos are original and haven't been touched. They were in that shape when we removed the carpets.

Paneling was also seen everywhere. We removed the paneling, painted and decorated. A cozy room to relax and to entertain.

Dining Room

The one room in the house that needn't the least amount of work so we did it first. We removed the carpets and painted. There was no paneling in this room! Jamie loved the color of our dining room in Alden so we did the same here. Our farmhouse furniture fits very well.

Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom has made its way around the entire upstairs. First it started in the former orange room (now the guest bedroom). Then it made its way to the office, then to the current location. We wanted it to face the backyard rather than the busy street in front. Now we wake up to the sunrise.

Master Bathroom

One of the first rooms we did upstairs. The old bathroom was in terrible need of a redo. Boy did we redo it. New everything. Better layout. Flashier color. The only thing missing is a bathtub. (We did find an old clawfoot tub in the barn that we plan to use when we redo the downstairs bathroom.)