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About Us

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Dr. Hoffmann is an associate professor and an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Wild Mountain Botanicals.

She received her doctorate and master’s degrees in communication from the State University of New York at Buffalo and her Bachelor of Science degree from St. Bonaventure University. Her research and teaching focus on conflict management, conflict resolution, and corporate communication and strategy. Prior to going into academia, Dr. Hoffmann worked in creative services for Catholic Health.

She regularly travels to Uganda, Africa with students working on initiatives related to women, health care and microfinance.

Cocoa is a Chiweenie and is a pain in the ass. But we love her to pieces and would be lost without her! Oh, btw, she's 18 years old - in real years. Sadly, she passed on April 20, 2019.

She is a lap dog - and is Pauline's dog. We call her our "sock."



Pauline W. Hoffmann, Ph.D.


jamie and mav.jpg

Jamie has farming in his blood. He is an engineer by trade. He is working at Wellington as a contract worker with Corning, Inc. 

In his spare time he enjoys rebuilding old cars. He currently has a 1934 Ford he is working on.

His next projects are a mobile chicken coop and bee hives.

The newest addition to our farm family. Maverick is a five-year-old German Shepherd. His owner couldn't keep him and they knew we would give him a really good home.


Hell, when I die I want to come back as one of our dogs.


German Shepherd

Jamie Rogacki


gunnar 1.jpg

Welcome Gunnar! We adopted Gunnar from a wonderful couple in town expecting their first child. They have other dogs and were unable to keep him. He has made himself right at home and we love him! The other dogs love him also.

Pug/Terrier Mix (we think)


bryce welcome.jpg

The newest addition to our family. We adopted Bryce from the SPCA in Cattaraugus County. He was one of two dogs able to handle both Maverick and Cocoa.

He is the sweetest little guy ever. They suspect he is about 7 or so years old. He loves to play with Maverick - or so we think. 

He especially enjoys snuggling and will do so anytime/anyplace.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier



Sadly, our dear, old St. Bernard, who was Jamie's dog, died in July, 2017. She was over 120 pounds but thought she was a lap dog. Helpful in the winter when it's chilly.

We called her our "blanket."

St. Bernard


chickens outside.jpg

We love our chickens. We started with ten. And then there were none. Then we got ten more - pullets we thought. There are six left from that batch - RuPeggy (not a hen, it turns out), Ann, Carol, Jane, Dorothy and Rose.

We got ten new pullets which are now seven. One is Edgar (not a hen) and the others haven't been named yet. Waiting to see some distinguishing characteristics.


Ladies, RuPeggy and Edgar


Our hive did not make it this winter but we have three more. I will bust out my "BuzzMat" suit to ensure we have honey and wax and wonderful hives.


What hives!

What happens when you take an engineer and a professor and add a farmhouse and 57 acres? Oh - his family is dairy farmers. Hers - way back. She can only garden with gloves and closed-toe shoes. He thinks that's funny.
Green Acres meets Beverly Hillbillies in Mayberry.